PM Lighting fixtures are featured in the best outdoor lighting program Landscape Lighting Software

PM Lighting is pleased to add Landscape Lighting Software as a vendor  partner to offer our dealers one of the best outdoor landscape lighting imaging design software available today. This easy to use imaging design  software is very cost effective and will pay for itself after just a few  uses. Use this imaging design software to complement your home  demonstrations or for times when a home demo is not needed. P.M.  Lighting recommends purchasing your copy today.
Terry Lawrence - President - P.M. Lighting

PM Lighting Dealers can provide a personalized Night Lighting Design

PM Lighting Design featured in Landscape Lighting Software

Landscape Lighting Software takes away the challenge of showing night lighting. Which in turn speeds up your closing ratio, because when a potential client can see what it will look like at night they want it. The images in the video below are created using Landscape Lighting Software and PM Lighting Fixtures.