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Outdoor Lighting Design Software Demo Video

Landscape Lighting Software allows contractors to place outdoor light fixtures on a picture of your client’s home or office where they would be installed. The Lighting Effects program creates the dramatic effects of outdoor lighting allowing you to show your clients an outdoor lighting design, not just tell them how the lights will look at night. Our low voltage landscape lighting software is the easiest way to Wow clients!  
Watch the video on the left to see how it is done.


See why Landscape Lighting Software is a Better Way, to show outdoor lighting.

Book  a live hands on demo with the Designer of the program. You will be logging into our computer. It is like a free training session for you. You  will learn how to add in fixtures to the image and create  lighting  effects within a few minutes. You will need to be at your  computer, with  a mouse, and have internet access.    

Do you also install Landscaping and Lighting?

Do you install landscape lighting, pavers and gardens. Use GreenScapes garden design software.

GreenScapes is for landscape, paving-stone and lighting designs.

No matter which exterior industry you are in you are in a highly competitive market.  It all comes down to one thing, customer service and your ability to quickly show the potential client what you are trying to sell them before your competition does. All our programs work the same, you can take the before picture or you can have the client email you the image saving you a step.  

GreenScapes allows you not only to show lighting but design landscaping and paving-stone.

The advantage of using GreenScapes is the ability to add pavers, plants and the outdoor lighting fixtures.

There is a strategy to showing pavers, plants, fire pits and more with GreenScapes. You are providing a better experience, you are also proactively planning your future and theirs.  If you don't install these items, sub it out. Large projects are not always affordable to the client. But a yearly investment in there home usually is. Make a lasting relationship with clients, keeps your company strong.  

Click on the image to the right to see the complete design from start to finish. 

The best garden design software is GreenScapes Landscape Design Software.

It is all about Closing the outdoor lighting deal!

Give customers a reason to do business with you. The old way does not work any more. Get fast and tough against your competition. Potential clients don't want to imagine how the outdoor lighting project will look after spending all that money. They want to visually see it, and when they can see it, they want it. GreenScapes and our Landscape Lighting Software is easy to learn and create designs. Wow, your clients and get started today!