"Nite Time Decor "Design Pro" outdoor lighting design tool


Nite  Time Decor has their own customized outdoor lighting design program  "Design Pro" by Landscape Lighting Software. Not only is it branded with  all the Nite Time Decor artwork, it contains only the Nite Time Decor  fixtures and spec sheets. This saves time when designing and most of all  if you decide to design in front of your client they are only seeing  the Nite Time Decor brand. 

Free Training Tutorials - Free Phone and Online Support - Install on two computers

 The 6 training tutorial below are just for "Design Pro" dealers, please take the opportunity to watch them prior to purchase. They are also included within Design Pro program along with many other training videos. After your purchase you will receive an automated email with the download and instructions. You can install Design Pro on two computers for the one licensed user. Landscape Lighting Software provides phone and online remote support Free.   

Nite Time Decor "Design Pro" Training Tutorials

Open an imaging in Design Pro

Nite Time Decor Design Pro Software Tutorial 1

 Nite Time Decor has a customized program to design landscape lighting.  By taking a picture and bringing it into the program you can place  fixtures where they would be installed. Tutorial One talks about opening  your image in the program. Brighten up the image. Using the Clone tool  to clean up your background image. 

Adding lighting fixtures to the image

Nite Time Decor Design Pro Software Tutorial 2

Nite Time Decor "Design Pro" tutorial 2 will teach you how to add Nite Time Decor fixtures to an image of the clients home or office. Place them just where you would install them in the home or office. Save time by having the customer email you the image. Design Pro will save you time and help close the deal. 

Save and open the lighting effects

Nite Time Decor "Design Pro" Tutorial 3 saving images and opening the effects program.

Design Pro tutorial 3 will teach you how to save the images in the correct file  formats.  Opening the image you saved after adding fixtures in the lighting effects program. Adding a shade of darkness and applying the  lighting effects to  the Nite Time Decor fixtures with a few simple steps.  

Lighting Effects and the Spread Tool

Nite Time Decor "Design Pro" Lighting Effects and Spread tool.

Design Pro includes an amazing Lighting Effects tool which makes it look like it were evening and the lights were turned on.  

Adding Labels to your fixtures

Nite Time Decor Design Pro has the ability to add labels to the fixture.

 The Design Pro Effect Program allows you to add Nite Time Decor Labels to each  fixture. Each label is attached to a spec sheet you can print.  

Show Clients Before and Afters

Design Pro Before and After for the potential client.

 In Nite Time Decor Design Pro you will have the ability to bring in the  before to show along with the after. Print or Email your image. 


To purchase Call Pat Bradshaw Direct at: 877-552-4242

Note: Design Pro will run on all versions of Windows  and if you have a Mac you have the option to use Parallels or run CrossOver. Learn more from our FAQ's page.

After watching all the training videos you might still have questions take the opportunity to Book an Online Live Demonstration by click the button below and choosing a day and time that you can be at your computer. 

Nite Time Decor Design Pro Registration

Nite Time Decor Custom Program by Landscape Lighting Software registration.

Please check your email for the detailed install and register instructions.

Please follow instructions as per your version of Windows or Mac.

Did you watch the Overview Movie?

The Overview movie will also assist in learning how to register. Please watch now if you have not done so. 

WINDOWS USERS ONLY: Please turn off the User Account Control if you have not already done so.

WINDOWS USERS ONLY: Run as Administrator

 REMINDER: Windows 8 and 10 Users: After the UAC is turned off - Hover over the Nite Time Decor Imaging Icon  on the desk top RIGHT CLICK and run as administrator. 

The Registration Number must be visible.

  • Please do not make up numbers. Review the steps above.
  • If you need assistance please use a Support Ticket
  • The email and phone you purchased with will be what you need for registering.