Landscape Lighting Software Training Tutorials

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  1. Open up the picture and size down.
  2. Lighten your image up.
  3. Learn about cloning and the define area tool to cover things up on the background image.

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  1. Now add our fixtures to the image.
  2. Access all the lighting fixtures.
  3. Switching fixtures.
  4. Using the warp tool.
  5. Saving as a .JPG to use in the Effects program.


  1. Saving a LND "Work in Progress"
  2. Opening the Lighting Effects Program and using the .JGP image.
  3. Review the icons in the Effects program. 
  4. Draw with light. 
  5. Learn about light width.


  1. Learn more about the effects lighting tools. This is amazingly simple. 
  2. Learn the lighting effects spread tool. (Very important for designing outdoor night lighting)
  3. Use labels to name your fixtures.
  4. Use thumbnails to name your fixtures.
  5. Create a material list.

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There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you watch all our training tutorials. These are also included within the program with your purchase. Landscape Lighting Software and Lighting Effects is downloadable so you can get started immediately.