Landscape Lighting Software has built-in training videos

Watch the training tutorials to learn how easy it is!  
1. Learn how to open, resize and save the background image.
2. Adding the fixtures to the back ground image.

3. Save as a LND as well as the JPG to open in the Effects program.

4. Add the Lighting Effects.

Note: Advanced training video's below.

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Landscape Lighting Design Advanced Tutorials

The Advanced tutorials are for  users that have mastered the basics.           
1. Add the before image to the after image, add text, print and email.
2. Understand more about the  LND and JPG file formats.

3. Cut out your own fixtures and add them to a library.
4. Create a spec sheet and add your logo to the material List and print the list

5. We also included some bonus videos on choosing any shade of darkness and that warm yellow light.