What Lighting Manufacturers say about us!

P.M. Lighting

PM LIghting Landscape Lighting Software pays for itself after just a few uses.

 "P.M. Lighting, is pleased to add Landscape Lighting Software as a  vendor partner offering our dealers one of the best landscape lighting  imaging design software available today. Landscape Lighting Software  & Lighting Effects are easy to use. Photo imaging design software is  very cost effective and will pay for itself after just a few uses." 

 Terry Lawrence President / P.M. Lighting 

Nite Time Decor

Nite Time Decor lighting design software representative Pat Bradshaw.

 "Nite Time Decor has partnered the past three years with Landscape  Lighting Software, in order to provide our customer base with high quality yet affordable landscape lighting design software.  It goes  without saying but the software has been a major hit with our customers.  They have found the software to be easy to use,  provides a quality  rendering and has given their customers a great example of the look they  will get with the lighting of their home.  The partnership with  Landscape Lighting Software has been fantastic.  Thank you!  
Pat Bradshaw, Business  Development

Best Quality Lighting

Best Quality Lighting Daniel Lee reviews Landscape Lighting Software

Best Quality Lighting is proud to  have been one of the first manufacturers to partner with Landscape Lighting Software. We find that the software is great and easy to use, and can save a lot of time in getting an idea of how fixtures will look. It gives us a tool to present to  people at all levels of the supply chain an idea of how our fixtures  will appear at a given location.

 Daniel Lee -  Sales and Marketing  


ClaroLux believes Landscape Lighting Software is the easiest way to close the deal.

"Landscape Lighting Software just recently introduced their landscape  lighting design package featuring ClaroLux Landscape Lighting fixtures.  No longer will you have to wait for it to get dark to show your customer  how their home or landscape will look. With Landscape Lighting  Software design program you can now take a picture of what you are  wanting to illuminate, upload it to your computer, and begin to design  your landscape lighting system.  It is that easy."  

Brandon Helms CEO / ClaroLux  

Dauer Lighting

Dauer Lighting dealers have access to Landscape Lighting Software.

"Dauer  is pleased that landscape lighting professionals now have access to a  very creative tool Landscape Lighting Software and Lighting Effects,  that features our durable fixtures. The top designers are the ones who  understand that landscape lighting is a science as well as an art. They  want the latest and greatest LED technologies, and they want the latest  and greatest design technologies."
Dauer Manufacturing President Craig Komparens 

Garden Light LED

Garden Light LED partners with Landscape Lighting Software.

"Garden  Light LED is excited to partner with Landscape Lighting Software. The  software allows a user to create a lighting design that provides a very  near realistic picture of what the end result of a landscape lighting  system would look like. This is software that is unique and long overdue  in the lighting industry. Just a small initial investment can create  great opportunities for high returns. We are glad to be a part of the  next generation in landscape lighting and design."
Thank you, Mario Casillas 

Sollos Lighting


Jeff Willingham - Halco Lighting Technologies

Vista Lighting


Volt Lighting


What Customers Say About Landscape Lighting Software

Sullivan Irrigation

 "Landscape Lighting Software is Very Easy to Operate. Wow! The Wow  factor of seeing their backyard as if the fixtures were installed and it was night closes deals for me."
Thanks Again! Chris Sullivan

Sunet LightScapes, Inc.

 "Our Company has had the pleasure of doing business with Landscape  Lighting Software for the last year. They have always operated in a professional and ethical manner  and the Landscape Lighting Software and Lighting Effects software we  purchased has successfully produced numerous successful projects over that
period of time."
Don Scuotto - Founder / CEO - Senior Designer 

Chesapeake Irrigation & Lighting

 Love working with the staff at Landscape Lighting Software. They are  always available to help, suggest or just figure out a better way. Can't  say enough about them, Landscape Lighting Software and Lighting Effects  the programs, and
overall support. A+++
Jim Middleton, Sales Manager 

Moonlight by Design

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am the owner of Moonlight by Design that operates in the Tidewater Virginia region (Newport News, Williamsburg, York County, all the way to the oceanfront in Virginia Beach).
Alan Hissem owns Moonlight by Design up in the Charlottesville Virginia area.  Alan has been raving about a new program he got that is aiding him in  his designs for the architectural lighting that he does. I understand  Jason Lawergren, who works with me out of our Newport News office has  been in contact with you today about purchasing a  copy of that program  for our benefit down here.
I know Jason and I look forward to utilizing that program and being able to add that all important visual dimension to his sales presentations.
           I just wanted to reach out to you and introduce myself and say  thank you for your helping our office down here like you did Alan's.           Hope you have a great afternoon and we will be sure to post  photos in results on our web page and on Facebook of our future projects.  
Glenn Gross Moonlight by Design 

Demarco Electric Saint Louis, MO

 I bought the Landscape Lighting and Effects program 1 years ago. For the  price, I was really impressed with what it could do and was really  appreciative of the videos providing step by step instructions. For a  guy like me with limited computer knowledge and limited time to spend  learning new software...This was a huge help. Landscape Lighting  Software helped me obtain  my first landscape lighting job by allowing  me to provide a customer a visual  of what she could expect with the  finished product. Plus the customer service provided to me was  exceptional. Extremely patient with helping me get set up!!  Thank You!!
Michael Demarco Volt Lighting Fixtures 

Noord Brabant, Netherlands

After much searching for good software for garden lighting that  demonstrates what the  customer can do, I ended up going  further than  Europe. Many customers stand with big eyes watching what is  possible  with garden lighting.  This is only possible with good software like  Landscape  Lighting Software.  Michele support deserves a gold award.  The training movies  provide a clear explanation of  the software  package  and are within the program and on YouTube.   (View testimonial in Dutch) 

 Thanks again, with greetings, Libor van Bree 

Samples of what Customers designed with our programs

Landscape Lighting Design Software is a incredible sales tool.

Proved to be an incredible sales tool!

 I love Landscape Lighting Software and it's proved to be an incredible sales tool for sure!  Thank you Jeff Smothers Topstar Lighting, Fort Worth TX


EZE-Design, Canada

Landscape Lighting Software puts you Ahead of the Competition "The  software works! "I think that anybody that is a lighting contractor  should have these programs because it is going to put you so far ahead  of the competition nobody is going to be able to touch you, because it  gives you just a little bit more of an edge, and that is what we need in  this business - an edge!   Marcel Brunet 

Landscape Lighting Software makes it much easier to sell landscape lighting fixtures.

Decorating Elves

 "Landscape Lighting Software made it much easier to sell landscape  lighting fixtures. It is an easy to use lighting design software  package. I do the designs right in front of the customer which really  impresses them."
Thank you, Nick Schriver / Decorating Elves 

Dramatic Landscape Lighting by Woodlawn Landscapes

 Landscape Lighting Software Support has been most helpful and  knowledgeable. Landscape Lighting Software is easier to use than any  other program on the market today to design night lighting. Michele was  very helpful and has followed up to see if I had any concerns or  technical questions.
Dick Weldgen, CNLP / Owner 

Customers Testimonials

Mike's Landscape Lighting

"It is EASY to sell with Landscape Lighting Software. I bought it, it  was easy to learn, sold many lighting projects, can't ask for much  more."
Mike Long / Owner 

Rob Richter Landscaping, Inc.

 We wanted to reach out to let you know what great customer service we received from Michele. We needed some technical support with the software and Michele was available to answer any questions that we had. Highly recommend this  company.

   Robert Richter/ Owner