Register Landscape Lighting Software

Landscape Lighting Software can be registered to two computers.

1. Download and Install the Both Programs

 You should have received detailed information on how to install and  register Landscape Lighting Software Via email. If you cannot find it,  Please check your spam folder. Choose either Windows or Mac CrossOver  Instructions. Follow all the instructions carefully. 

2. Windows Users must Turn off the UAC

You Must Turn Off the User Account Control before  Registration. The button below will bring you to YouTube Video showing  how to do this. 

3. Run the Program as the Administrator.

 Once  Installed the programs you will have two new  icons on the desk top. Put  your cursor over the Landscape Lighting  Software icon, Then RIGHT CLICK AND  Click RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR from  that menu.  

4. Now write down or copy the Registration #

This is the number the program gives you when the registration window opens, after you run it as the Admin. 

5. Enter your email and phone number

When you click on the Registration button below you will need to enter the Email and phone number that Is on your Invoice.

6. Ready to Register

Once you have computer steps 1 to 5 click on the button below to bring up the registration screen.