Focus Industies Lighting Fixtures featured in Landscape Lighting Software

 FOCUS INDUSTRIES is dedicated to value engineering, giving customers the best products at a competitive cost.

Landscape Lighting Software is proud to add Focus Industries Lighting Fixtures to our list of leading outdoor lighting manufacturers. 

Landscape Lighting Software and Lighting Effects impacts not only the contactors bottom line by closing potential clients quicker by showing them the final outdoor lighting as if it were installed, it will also help sell more FOCUS LIGHTING FIXTURES to the potential client!

Take action with issues affecting your lighting business, make a difference closing projects and spend more time at home. Learn how easy Landscape Lighting Software with Focus Fixtures work and how to influence potential clients by showing them on a picture with their own home. Watch the training videos now. Select the button below.

Focus Lighting Fixtures is one of 15 manufacturers!

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Focus Industries Lighting Design for Landscapers!

Landscape Lighting Software has a sister program called "GreenScapes" Landscape and Hardscape Design Software. The Focus Industries Lighting fixtures are downloadable from the download center free as a user of GreenScapes. GreenScapes has plants, paving-stone, outdoor furniture, hardscapes and more.  NO MONTHLY FEES, FREE TRAINING VIDEOS AND SUPPORT. REASONABLY PRICED! Check it out:

Focus Industries Fixture Download


1. First purchase and install Landscape Lighting Software

Instructions to download and install will come via email after purchase. Please fill out a Contact Us Form before or directly after purchase.

2. Register Landscape Lighting Software.

Be sure to follow all instructions. 

3. Close Landscape Lighting Software.

Select the "INSTALL FOCUS INDUSTRIES FIXTURES" button below. A new window will open. In the upper right hand corner will be a Download, select it.  

Another window will open where you save files. (note where the file is saved) You also might see .EXE file can not be previewed, please ignore. Save the file. Go to where you saved the Focus_Ind_Lights.exe file. Now double click the file and it will auto install the Focus fixtures into Landscape Lighting Software

4. If you should need assistance at any time use the Support Ticket.

5. Reminder check out the FAQs page.

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