Questions Prior to Purchasing Landscape Design Software


Computer Requirements

 Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
2 GB of ram (minimum)
4 GB free hard drive (minimum)
Sound card and speakers
High color video card set to a  minimum resolution of 1024 x 768
A good mouse and pad or Graphic Tablet.

Does the program run on a Tablet?
 YES! It will work on a Windows 8 or 10 based Tablet. (Not the RT version).
Does it run on an Apple iPad. No Apple iPad users must do a remote access to a Windows based computer. READ THIS  iPad users can show the final images easily, just by Moving the final images as pictures to the iPad for presentation.  
 Note: Tablets are getting smaller and smaller, do you really want to design on such a small screen?  

Will it run on a Mac?

Landscape Lighting Software is a Windows-based program, but it can run just fine on a Mac depending on your version of Mac OS and with the proper software installed. At this time there are 2 options we recommend. 

 Mac OS Versions Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite And Only CrossOver V16 customized for our programs which we provide will work at this time.
Crossover is a Mac application that allows you to run Windows programs like Landscape Lighting Software and our  Greenscapes program on your on the Mac without having to install  Windows and paying for a license fee or Create a Virtual Machine on your Mac.
It is by far the simplest way to run Windows applications on the Mac we have found.  Just Download our version of CrossOver, a link will be supplied to install after purchase and enter the activation code on your invoice. Once registered.  Install Landscape Lighting Software as per the instructions sent for Mac Crossover users. 

 We can offer CrossOver to our clients at 50% off the manufacturer MSRP of $59.95 Only $30.00 when you order Landscape Lighting Software.   

**Please note the new Mac OS Catalina you can only install Landscape Lighting Software by using a Windows emulator like Parallels with Windows. You can also use this on the older versions of Mac.

Option #1  INSTALL PARALLELS and WINDOWS.  This allows you to run Mac OS and Windows at the same time in a window.  This is one of the easiest to install and use for most users.  GREAT PRICES ON WINDOWS AND PARALLELS!

Option 2:  Would be a windows emulation program installed on your Mac (A bit more expensive.)   You could use Apple's own Boot Camp. Read this too Boot Camp helps you install Microsoft Windows on your Mac.  


How many computers can I install the programs?

Landscape Lighting Software is licensed for 2 computers. The licensed  user also receives Free Support. 

What if I want it on a 3rd computer?

No problem we charge $100. for the registration on a 3rd computer in the same company. Just call the office 772-647-8147.
What if I purchase a new computer?

Once every two years we deem reasonable for a new computer and will replace one the original licenses for that computer.
What if I hire more sales staff?

We consider that a 2nd User in the company! We at Landscape Design  Software have taken this into consideration and discounted the  additional user by 50%. Each additional user can put it on two computers and gets 2 licenses for that fee. This also entitles this user to Free support. 

*Licenses are not transferable to other users.

*Large Companies with many user please call for a consultation.

*Schools also receive special discounts. 

*Please Call  772-647-8147 for additional information on discounts. 

Training Videos are included Free

YES! Landscape Lighting Software comes with extensive Tutorial training videos built into the program plus we have the same videos that can be viewed on YouTube should you want to watch them on your mobile devices. We also include detailed videos for every icon and every item on the drop down menus within the program.

New Manufacturers

Adding new fixtures is Not problem. The Training Videos  included will show you how to add the fixtures once they have been edited and made transparent. We are adding lighting manufacturers fixture libraries frequently. We have a Free Download Page for clients. 


I don't see my  Lighting manufacturer?
Contact us and include any contacts that you might know at the manufacturer. Also let them know about us. We will contact them to see about getting them included in the program.  You also have the option to print out or save and email this document to the manufacturer.

Do install Plants, Interlocking Pavers and Outdoor lighting?

  If you install landscaping, interlocking paving and night lighting check out GreenScapes Landscape Design Software. It is our flagship program that has thousands of Plants, Pavers, Decorative Concrete and many more items and includes Night Lighting.  Check it out.