Customers can Download The Newest Version of Landscape Lighting Software FREE!

The newest Version 1.2 includes all 15 manufacturers. If you already purchased Landscape Lighting Software and would like the newest version for reinstalling or a new computer, go to the Manufacturers Page and use the request form, new instructions and the download will be emailed to you.

New Lighting Manufacturers Fixtures

Focus Industries

Focus Industries landscape lighting fixtures are free to Landscape Lighting Software Clients.


Select the "INSTALL FOCUS INDUSTRIES FIXTURES" button below. A new window will open. In the upper right hand corner will be a Download, select it.  
Another window will open where you save files. (note where the file is saved) You also might see .EXE file can not be previewed, please ignore. Save the file. Go to where you saved the Focus_Ind_Lights.exe file. Now double click the file and it will auto install the Focus fixtures into Landscape Lighting Software

We create custom Software


Lighting Manufacturers can have custom software. What does that mean?

Private Labeling

Custom Training Videos

Only your fixtures in the program

Your personal Spec Sheets

Reasonable pricing 

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