Customers can Download The Newest Version of Landscape Lighting Software FREE!

The newest Version 1.2 includes all 15 manufacturers. If you already purchased Landscape Lighting Software and would like the newest version for reinstalling or a new computer, go to the Manufacturers Page and use the request form, new instructions and the download will be emailed to you.

We at Landscape Lighting Software offer additional manufacturers and updates Free. Below you will find optional lighting manufacturers to download for Version 1.0 and 1.1

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Download Additional Manufacturers for Version 1.0 and 1.1

 First close your lighting program if you have it open. Then click the  Download link next to the manufacturer you want to install. Depending on  your browser it may ask you where you want to save the Zip file or it  will automatically place it in the Downloads folder. Once it is  downloaded open the folder where it was saved. Double click on the Zip  file and you will see file named the manufacturer-name_Lighting.EXE  Double the EXE and follow the prompts; it will place all the files into  the program. Then re-open the lighting software.