DauerLED Landscape Lighting Software

DauerLED Landscape Lighting is pleased that  landscape lighting professionals now have access to a very creative  landscape lighting tool.   "Landscape Lighting Software and Lighting  Effects" that now features our durable LED-powered landscape fixtures," said Dauer Manufacturing President Craig Komparens. "The top designers are the ones who understand that landscape  lighting is a science as well as an art. They want the latest and  greatest LED technologies when it comes to light fixtures, and they want the latest and greatest outdoor LED lighting design technologies."

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Lighting Design Training Videos

Landscape Lighting Software and Lighting Effects Training Videos.

When it comes to simplicity DauerLED Landscape Lighting Software comes with extensive training videos to show you every step of the way. 

Live Online Demonstration

Landscape Lighting Software offers free live online demonstrations.

After watching all the landscape lighting software training videos, and you still have questions or need to see more book an online live demonstration mention that you are a DauerLED dealer.

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Landscape Lighting Software runs on Windows. If you have a Mac we offer CrossOver a powerful app at a discount. DauerLED is just one of 15 manufacturers in our program.

DauerLED Lighting Design Software Sale Jan.1-31, 2020

Dauer Fixtures are added to Landscape Lighting Software!