Landscape Lighting Software offers free support!

I just paid, how do I install the Landscape Lighting Software?

After payment a new window should have come up with a PDF file that has instructions for downloading the program and installation. We also email the same instructions, make sure you check your Spam folder if you don’t see it.

I have the programs installed how do I register? I have 0 days left.

Click on the button below and Follow all the instructions. Be sure to turn off the User Account Control and run as Administrator.

How do I learn the program?

There is training tutorials as well as shorter training videos built in program for each icon and every command on the drop down menu's within the program.

Why am I only printing a piece of the picture?

You need to set the Default to print the entire page. Go to FILE/PROGRAM DEFAULTS/Make sure there is a Check mark next to “Printing covers entire page” or Watch the training Movie on this and more within the program. 


Landscape Lighting Software offers Free Phone Support and Remote Access. Support it is included with your purchase. It is best to use the Support Ticket below so we can reserve a time that you can be at your computer. 


Please review all the tips here they are the most frequently asked questions.

 Questions can sometimes be  answered with a simple email or direction to the correct video. 

After  you send the Support Ticket look for a email from Garry he will send the  answer or confirm the day and time is available. 

Keep in mind he is  Central Time.

Be at your computer with a mouse attached and have internet access at the confirmed time. 

Reminders & Imaging Tips

  • Be organized when saving images: Make a Company Named Folder on your hard drive:
  • Each client should have their own sub-folder.
  • The original image needs to be renamed and resized to under 1500 pixels horizontal (in the program) and saved as a .jpg Example: CustomersName_before.jpg.
  • After you have placed fixtures, Save as again, use .LND as the file format so everything stays movable and editable.
  • When you complete placing the fixtures, save again as CustomersName_Fixtures.jpg
  • This is the file you open in the Effects program. When the effects are completed save as again CustomersName_night.jpg
  • This allows you to have an original,  a sized down before - an after just  with fixtures and a night with effects. Now you can show the client a before and after with fixtures and a night lighting effects. For more detailed information, click below.